For anybody thinking Ayurveda Health Clinic is just another spa, anybody thinking Ayurveda Health Clinic is just using the name of Ayurveda, think again, DR Priyanka (stressing DR) is a true advocate of the ancient teachings and practices of Ayurveda. Both herself and her therapist were welcoming, friendly, warm, attentive, the list goes on from the moment I walked in the door, the clinic was about me. I had an Abhyanga treatment followed by Shirodhara and then Swedana to finish, I slept without wakening form 10 pm last night till 9am this morning never before in my adult life, left me with a bounce in my step and already cycled 20 miles this morning. DR Priyanka is passionate about Ayurveda, its practices, its teachings and its health benefits and is working hard to bring her knowledge to public awareness. For now THANK YOU to Ayurveda Health Clinic, can't wait till the next time and I'm told Ayurveda cookery classes may be coming down the line. CAN'T WAIT

Pat McEvoy
Portlaoise,Co.Laois Ireland

Dr. Priyanka Bhardwaj is a Qualified Ayurvedic Physician, very popular Doctor with wide experience in Panchkarma Therapy. She has impressed me with her dedication in Ayurveda with her innovative ideas. She is very delight and enthusiastic lady of high morale and character.

Dr.sandeep kumar
MD physician (Armenia)
Delhi Government hospital India

I have suffered from what is commonly known as atrophic vaginitis, for ten years, during this time I have been treated by the medical profession with various HRT. however, the side effects produced by the doctor's medication were totally unacceptable. I have great delight in reporting to you that after being treated in Ayurvedic and unani Tibbia Medical college by Dr.Priyanka Bhardwaj my symptoms completely disappeared. The relief after so many years of feeling quite wretched about myself is enormous.Her Ayurvedic treatment worked wonders for me.

Sunita Gupta

Asthma patient since the age of 15 years. Since then fully pumped up with all possible sprays and medicines, especially prednisolone; has marked pulmonary emphysema, uses spray 6 times a day. Breathing was much easier even after the first few treatments. After a few months Medication and therapies by Dr.Priyanka Bhardwaj used a spray only when needed (often governed by a change in the weather) and stopped all others.

Sumit arora